Monthly Blog

March 2021
I am so excited that we are starting to ease lockdown here in the UK and I am happy to be able to see my family and friends again. Long may it remain. I am due to have my 2nd vaccination next week so that's also great. Ive continued tap dancing classes on line but can't wait to get back into the studio properly and meet up with the lovely ladies I dance with.

A bit more about me. I also love to sew and make things. I learnt to sew on my mother's old Singer treadle machine. I still have it and it sits in my hallway. It could be still used as everything still moves. I watched her sew my dancing costumes even though she was not a seamstress and didn't particularly enjoy making the costumes! Maybe she enjoyed one or two! When I started at secondary school, I did sewing classes and we learnt to use electric machines. I was terrified. It seemed so alien to me, but once I learnt, I eventually got my own basic electric machine and made some of my own clothes. I then made some clothes for my children and I also enjoyed sewing other crafts. I dabble every now and again with different crafts and love the peace of either painting, sewing or crafting. At school in art, a group of us made a balsa wood double decker London bus. It's number plate was SCKEMP which was the initials of all of us who made this. I remember laughing a lot while we seemed to take forever to make this thing. It wasn't too bad in the end. When I got married, I made our Christmas tree decorations out of balsa wood and some of them still make it to the tree 35 years later!!

In other news, I've been quite busy with several animal portrait commissions and I love all their characteristics! I must finish the elephants (an oil painting from our amazing safari in 2019).

The Chichester Art Trail is tentatively on thankfully. It's the 2 middle weekends in July, so do have a look on the link in the links page. I have a good few ideas to get done for then, so I'd better get painting!! Hope to see as many of you as possible and I'll put the kettle on!!

Stay safe.