Monthly blog

February 2021
Well, here we are in the UK still in our 3rd lockdown. Everyone is fed up with the covid pandemic and we hope it eases soon.
This month, I am writing about my art journey.
My 2 favourite subjects at school were art and biology. I quite liked the sewing classes but everything took forever to finish. I half thought about going to art college as it was in the day, but I actually didn’t think I was good enough. This was influenced by another pupil who drew a hand which was so realistic, I thought I could never do it the same and therefore cannot be good enough. I did OK at O-level and left school at 16 to work in a bank. I had then decided to tap into the other subject I liked and chose to do general nurse training (even though I said I would never be a nurse like my mother!!). I had a great career, being a sister in Intensive Care, a repatriation nurse and a clinical manager amongst other things. I travelled the world using my experiences, meeting so many great people and seeing so many lovely countries.
I always did a bit of sketching here and there and also so many arts and crafts with the children growing up.
A few years ago now, my daughter gave me a voucher for a local drawing group that kind of gave me permission to do art for myself, and I haven’t looked back since. It gave me time to dedicate to just drawing and not work, housework etc etc. I subsequently went to as many courses as I, continued to practice drawing and then picked up some paint brushes and here we are.
I have a new brochure out and new business cards and I will be adding items to my collection over the next few months. I often update on Facebook and Instagram, so follow the links on this website. I will also update here.
The new puppy continues to grow and is full of puppy mischief! Everyone we meet quite rightly points out that he has huge paws and will be huge himself...Oh help!! He learns new things everyday though and is very responsive and quick to learn. Food helps of course!!
I will maybe talk about materials next time. If you want to ask me anything, please message me via the contacts page here.
Now we have a plan for getting slowly out of lockdown so looking forward to seeing friends and family as soon as we can. Stay safe.