Monthly blog

January 2021
I've decided to do a monthly blog and this is really just the introduction to it. This covid pandemic and current lockdown needs to leave us all alone. So fed up not being able to see the people I really want to see or do the other things I'd like to do.
I will write about my art and how I've got to where I am, how I create the pieces and then maybe occasionally I will add my chickens and the new puppy into the stories. Talking of stories, I have written a few children' stories, some many years ago when my own children were small and some more recently. I really keep saying I should try and get them published, but I'd really like to illustrate them first. It's on the never ending, never shortening list of things to do. Watch this space.
So, do feel free to message me suggesting what I should include here (related to my art, my chickens and our puppy!) and I'll see what I can do.
Here's a question: Would you be interested in buying some prints of some of my original paintings? I'm thinking of adding these if there is enough interest. You can answer via the contact page.
Stay safe.