Winter in West Sussex

Chickens in the studio
Oh my! So much wind and rain this winter. I will be glad when spring finally gets here. However, we've had some amazingly beautiful winter days too.
Last year's Art Trail went well and I had some commissions from the lovely visitors.
I'm now finding that I have more time to dedicate to painting. I have several items in the go and need to crack on and finish in time for the next Art Trail. 1st 2 weekends in May. Come along and have a look. Email me for details.
That's Lilian, one of my chickens. She likes to come in to the studio and often sits on the sofa in the adjoining room. She's the ringleader for sure of the 7 ladies. They're all getting older now, but we have Lilian, Edith, Fluffy (has a fluffy mop of head feathers), Floppy (whose comb flops over one eye), Geraldine and twins both called 'Nieve and/or Shibohan' as we can't tell them apart!! The eggs are the best, but they're not laying so many at the moment partly due to the shorter days and also probably due to the age of some of them. I still love them, eggs or no eggs!