January 2019

New year, new things
Well Christmas and New Year came and went and we had fun with family and good friends. I'm already used to writing 2019, but as always I do wonder how time has flown by so fast.
Last year was busy with family life, art and work. I had several commissions which I really enjoyed even though they were things I wouldn't normally do, but then a challenge is always good for the soul I believe and the recipients seemed really pleased with what I did.
Changing jobs in the summer was another challenge and it took me several months to settle, but now I feel I have and it allows me more time off in bulk, so will be allocating a certain amount of studio time each day off. I am excited with this newness.
The Chichester Art Trail is in my mind now as I start to prepare for that again in May. I have lots of new ideas and will share them as they materialise. Hope you can visit my studio a have a cup of tea and cake for charity.
Happy New Year! May it be happy and peaceful always.