Autumn 2018

Leaves everywhere!
I love this time of year. I love all times of the year to be honest. We have had an amazing summer and a beautiful Autumn. The sun has been shining still and the days are warm and fresh and I've not yet been wearing a coat. There really are leaves everywhere now and the trees are becoming very bare. Another year is closing and we will wait for the new things to appear again.
Meanwhile, I have been busy with some great commissions this year. I have loved doing them and look forward to more. I have sorted and shuffled things around in the studio and it feels bigger. It's actually not that big, but it definitely feels bigger. I am starting to think about the next Art Trail and although it's a while away yet, I need to get organised. I have some great ideas and I hope you like them. I will post them here as I finish them.
Enjoy Autumn. There's Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Birthdays and times spent with friends and family. Enjoy them all.