Here we go!

Don't give up art.
I've been asked to write a blog, 'so here we go'! I will try and write as regularly as I can.

A bit more about how I got here. Firstly, I absolutely loved art at school and at home and together with biology, these were my favourite subjects although I also liked maths and English language. Looking back i suppose I was quite good at art, but suspect I didn't particularly believe it and then came out with a D at O-Level. A 'D' though! After loving it so much. How did I do so badly I think I know why that was now, but that's fine as I've since learnt loads and have moved on.

I'd like thank my lovely daughter for giving me a gift voucher for a local drawing class (with Nancy Goodens at Artworks Studio). This was the catalyst for where I am today and I love it.

I often take photographs as I create a piece, so I will put some of these here on the blog.

I often say to children who visit my studio 'If you like art, don't give it up. Always do it even if it's not every day. Just don't give up.' i would definitely say this to my 10 or 15 year old self if I could.